Speed to Market

Cut down how long it takes to take a test a feature, go to customers, feedback and re-target.

Release Fast

Rate of change is no longer constrained by heavy lifting of resources. FastUp automates all the heavy lifting so you can focus on writing feature code and taking customer feedback.

AWS Native

FastUp is build from the ground up with AWS products. No abstractions, no frameworks - Just AWS.

Standard skill set needed

If you already use AWS, there is nothing new to learn. Use abundant training and technology resources already available through AWS and other partners.

Custom Design

Customization is based on standard cloudformation template language. Deploy on any VPC and Instance configuration.

Have No Limits

With cloud formation, you can build almost any type of system that may be needed within AWS. No new limits from FastUp.


With on demand infra set up, you get all the scalability with automation that AWS offers. All of it using AWS native products.

Perform every time

FastUp is built using the same scalability principles that AWS espouses and builds into their products. No custom frameworks!


Checkout the documentation, get free support or get a Managed Support Contract for critical production workloads.

Multiple Support Options

Support is provided through a managed services contract offering flexible terms based on usage. For complex problems and enterprise requirements, custom, onsite consulting is available.


Use familiar tool chains such as Jenkins and Maven. No need to re-skill, re-design or re-think. No agents needed.

Everything under control

With standard interfaces and simple interaction, FastUp offers a very simple way to deploy applications very fast to AWS.

FastUp frameworks are a collection of infrastructure templates that come packed with AWS best practices.


Deploy serverless single page applications on AWS Lambda and API Gateway

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  • Suitable for Mobile apps

  • No servers, no limits

  • Developer friendly

Operating Cost 30
Implementation Cost 85


Deploy your applications in any technology supported by AWS Beanstalk.

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  • Standard Stack

  • AWS designed features

  • Just supply code

Operating Cost 45
Implementation Cost 75


Deploy containerized applications on AWS Elastic Container Service using Docker
  • Suitable for Microservices

  • Run any docker task

  • Standardize with Docker

Operating Cost 50
Implementation Cost 45


Bundle your own software on a custom image and custom deploy it in EC2

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  • Bundle custom software

  • Deploy on any setup

  • Manage own SLA

Operating Cost 70
Implementation Cost 30

FastUp is an emerging technology deployment automation company, dedicated to helping companies be Future Ready.

In today’s digitally disruptive world, there is a general realization that for companies to remain relevant, they have to constantly provide great software to their users. There is an increasing hunger for speed and agility.

We at FastUp are committed to build a world of unconstrained software change. Making it affordable and accessible to the mass. Where companies are not constrained by the resources rather energized by the opportunity created by automated deployment.

FastUp is committed to exceed your need for speed and agility while optimizing your deployment cost. Our risk – reward commercial model confirms our commitment to your success.

What our customer has to say?

A Global Sports Entertainment Company
A Global Sports Entertainment CompanyCEO
FastUp framework is a beautiful implementation of modern engineering practices to achieve a flow of value that would be impossible with conventional methods.
A Leading Technology Service Provider
A Leading Technology Service ProviderCEO & President
You guys started as a consulting partner and ended up being our Digital Infra partner and Managed Service provider. It speaks a lot about your approach. You not only addressed my need around speed and agility but gave us significant savings. Thank you
A Leading Executive Search and Advisory Firm
A Leading Executive Search and Advisory FirmChief Operating Officer
Greatly admire the professionalism displayed by FastUp. Your Next Gen Infra solution eliminated all manual ops management. Keep up the good work!!!