Project Description


  • Poor Availability – significant outage during games

  • Manual – Slow and difficult release process

  • Growth Stifling – Resources hogged, no  new business development

  • Performance – App was slow and used avoidable infrastructure

We serve millions of pages to hundreds of thousands of our customers. Our customers don’t like it when the app does not perform during their games. With FastUp’s AWS solution, we were able to automate and speed up all our infrastructure. Working with FastUp is a great way to learn what AWS can do for our business.

Ganesh Nallapareddy, CricClubs


  • Full HA – All tiers with Active-Active infrastructure

  • Continuous Deployment – Pipeline of artifacts to go from dev to test to production

  • Automated– Auto scaling, auto-failover and simple monitoring all in a single pane

  • Content Distribution – Globally distributed content for high performance with low CPU