IAM Best Practices

Take back control of Identity and Access Management on your cloud. Manage access to your data and services without any coding or security expertise. Meet compliance requirements and improve internal SLAs. Make IAM and Security as the first step of your application design.

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Fast Results

FastUp relies on pre-built templates that include best practices and a complete set of IAM policies to make you operational. These templates can be implemented automatically within minutes. When a custom permission is needed, FastUp staff customizes policies within 4 hours in most cases.

Minimum Privilege

Principle of least privilege helps Cloud IT Managers prevent unauthorized access to cloud services. It prevents malicious actors from obtaining access across services even if a single service is breached. FastUp has documented best practices and automated the implementation of least privilege in IAM policies.

Security First

Automated IAM implementation makes it easy for developers and architects. This allows them to factor in security decisions early in the project and avoid expensive redesign. Changing requirements can be easily implemented when the IAM design is flexible from the start.

Success Story: How Cricclubs Implemented IAM

Millions of individual and institutional users rely on CricClubs to manage their cricket teams, purchase equipment, run fantasy leagues and train players. After finding a market need to provide a diverse set of services, CricClubs took on an ambitious project to split the monolith into micro services. FastUp is the managed service provider to CricClubs and provides all operations including security operations to CricClubs.


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