What data we collect and see

  • On Android and iOS devices, the Company Portal app will create a virtual space on your device where company data will be stored and company apps will be installed.
  • All data you receive, create and store on this device is the property of FastUp.
  • If you do not wish to share data from this device to FastUp, please write to the manager of your division or President/Director of FastUp.
  • Your device may periodically send information to System Administrators. Such information may include, but is not limited to device ids, installed software, persons logged in, device IP address.
  • System Administrators may install or remove any software packages or limit uses of the device at any point in time with or without
  • All use of Company Data and Software is allowed under the terms of your employment agreement. Sharing this device or your passwords with others outside FastUp is absolutely prohibited unless required by a court order.
  • If you lose this device or lose access to this device, you must immediately notify your division manager or President/Director of FastUp.