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Sachin was instrumental in designing the AWS solution for our website. The website solution is a sitecore content management and MS Windows stack hosted on VMware in a private data center in Chicago. Serving a worldwide audience from one location was less than ideal and we wanted to replace it with an AWS hosted solution fronted by the Cloudfront CDN. Sachin worked with our architecture and operations teams to create and maintain all infrastructure as code. Great work!

An Executive Placement firm


  • Slow site –¬†especially in far flung locations

  • Manual – all infrastructure was hand crafted and subject to drift

  • Non-strategic – Organization strategy was to go all in on AWS

  • Speed – Needed a solution quickly to push forward with initiatives


  • Cloudfront – Host static content near end users on the Cloudfront CDN

  • Cloudformation – Create all infrastructure as code using consistent templates

  • Migrate – Host in AWS using all the recommended best practices

  • Automation – Cloudformation with homegrown tools to speed up delivery