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Responsive Business


In a presentation I delivered in mid 2016, I had this slide about automating or eliminating analysis, design, testing and deployment from the traditional IT process. I was making my point to software developers and architects. I proposed to them that all manual activities other than development (writing code) and gathering user feedback were a form of waste (mura, muda, muri). Needless to say the proposition was met with plenty of surprise. Flip to 2017. AWS recently released a new product named Codestar. In the introductory blog post to Codestar, AWS Blogger Tara Walker makes the following statements. Finally, [...]

Cloud Migration Bubble


In "A Practical Guide to Cloud Migration" Amazon Web Services defines the term "Cloud Migration Bubble". It is one name for a bump in IT costs when an organization starts migrating resources to the cloud. AWS lists a variety of factors that lead to this inevitable cloud migration bubble. In this article, we will take a look at the characteristics of this bubble and how to reduce it's size and spread. I am going to describe a few circumstances here and use some diagrams to characterize this migration bubble. I will also try to make a [...]

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